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pregnancy1Physical & Emotional Care during the Prenatal Period

 Individual & Group Sessions, Sessions for Couples

During these meetings (individual, groups or for couples) we will have the chance to feel and enjoy our bodies, our voices and our breaths. The meetings are open to pregnant mothers, with or without their partners.

During the meetings we explore our relationship with our body and the baby with the help of the following tools:

~ Chanting, a practice taught by Frederick Leboyer which can be used during pregnancy and birth, after the birth, but also in everyday life. It combines release of sound, movement of the body and pelvis, and breathing, and has been found beneficial for pain relief, but also an excellent way to connect with your baby, inside and outside the womb.

ΔάφνηΓιώργος1~ Lullabies, and other songs

~ Simple exercises and everyday movements, for a better sensation of the body during pregnancy, birth and afterwards (stretching, strengthening, relief/prevention from common discomforts, sleeping positions, etc.)

~ Discussions and exchange of experiences on various issues, such as: baby's sleep, breastfeeding, cloth diapers, support networks for new parents, hugs and carrying the baby, relationships with other family members, etc.

~ Simple massage and self-massage techniques, for mother and baby (reflexology, rebozo, etc.)

~ Lending library (books and journals)