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Breastfeeding Support by IBCLC’s

For thousands of years mothers have breastfed their babies. One could say that the art of breastfeeding is a natural instinct for all women. Nevertheless practices in modern perinatal care often lead to difficulties for the MotherBaby couple that can also affect breastfeeding. Up to recent years information on breasstfeeding issues by health professionals in Greece was either insuffficinet or even inaccurate.

mother graffitiWith the financial support of La Leche League International LLLI the organization International Board of Lactation Consultant Examiners was founded in 1985, to cover requests and needs of mothers from all over the world, for specialized breastfeeding care and support. IBLCE offers opportunities for training and certification – IBCLC certification. At the moment there are 26.500 IBCLC’s in 96 countries.

IBCLC’s have the specialized knowledge, skills and correct professionalism so as to offer quality theretical and practical help and support to mothers and babies during breastfeeding. They work towards preventing and solving breastfeeding problems. They encourage and support paretns’ initiative and participation in decision-making regarding their child/ren before and after the birth. Overall, they encourage a suportive environment for breastfeeding families.

For more information about IBCLC’s services, the benefits and results related to breastfeeding and general health of mother and baby, please visit the website of the Greek IBCLC organization “Galaxias”, founded in Greece in 2007.

You can find a list of IBCLC’s in the following webpages:

For Greece: http://www.thilasmosonline.info/lista.html

Internationally: http://iblce.org/resources/iblce-registry/