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Maria Andreoulaki 

Doula & Doula Trainer CD/BDT(DONA),

Certified Reflexologist & Gentle Bio-energetics Practitioner



My course in the perinatal field began in 1995, with my first pregnancy. Since then I became active in the perinatal field, through organizing and participating in local and international workshops and conferences, facilitating groups, taking part in talks, research, networking, translating and interpreting, and participating in educational programs and volunteer social networks.

I have participated in various Doula programmes (Michel Odent's ParamanaDoula Course, Gloria Lemay's BirthLove Doula Course, Guiditta Tornetta & Robin Lim's Loving the Mother, DONA International, Red Tent) and certified as a Practitioner in the therapeutic methods of Reflexology, Reiki, Gentle Bio-Energetics and self-help practice Re-evaluation Counseling. My first studies were in music and dance (Piano Teaching Degree and BA in Dance Theatre). For many years I studied close to Frederick Leboyer, on the wonderous use of breath, sound and movement throughout pregnancy and birth. accordeon2

I am Country Representative and Communication Liaison for the international organizations such as ENCA (European Network of Childbirth Associations), DONA International, EDN (European Doula Network), IMBCI(International MotherBaby Childbirth Initiative), and served as President and Educatiional Committee Coordinator of The Greek Doula Association. I am currently serving in the Core Organizers Team of EDN (European Doula Network).

I greatly enjoy singing and dancing with loving company, walking and biking, reading, watching nature and the arts.

I am inspired by studying human physiology in the beginning and the end of life, in health and disease, as well as ecology, natural farming, sustainability, therapeutics.

I envision a world of harmonious co-existence, where theory meets practice, where we live and teach by example, enjoying a life of happiness and fulfillment.


The purpose of this website is just for information.

We are not giving medical or other advice, we offer insights and knowledge about natural preparation, birth and after the birth and where you can find help about it.

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