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Maria Andreoulaki 

Doula & Doula Trainer CD/BDT(DONA),

Certified Reflexologist & Gentle Bio-energetics Practitioner



My course in the perinatal field began in 1995, with my first pregnancy. Since then I became active in the perinatal field, through organizing and participating in local and international workshops and conferences, facilitating groups, taking part in talks, research, networking, translating and interpreting, and participating in educational programs and volunteer social networks.

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Ezelda Odendaal Ezelda

midwife, mother, motivator,

supporter of natural births and natural parenting


Babies were part of my world since my mother gave birth to my baby sister when I was 6 years old. I fell in love with my newborn baby sister and was fascinated when my mother breastfed her. My purpose was sealed from that day on to work with newborn babies and by default with their mothers.

I decided to be a midwife, before I even knew what it meant. My great granny was the district midwife and her daughter, my granny on my mother's side, a lay herbalist. Maybe genes and DNA played a bigger role in what I believe today about natural births and non chemical medicine than I realized, as both grannies died long before I could discuss homebirths or medical plants with them.  

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EvangeliaEvangelia Philippaki 

General Practitioner (GP),

Lactation Consultant IBCLC

From the very start of my medical studies until now I have been highly interested in 
    ~ prevention of disease
    ~ empowerment of the "patient"
    ~ personalized care in the person’s preferred setting (when of course there are no counter indications), where s/he feels comfortable and is in contact with her/his beloved.

I have had the opportunity to meet and work with people I consider very special, like: Michel Odent, Frederik Leboyer, Franz F. Veldman (Aptonomy), Eva Reich, who all led me to where I was already heading by instinct: that primary prevention of body and emotional illness starts in fetal life and that the perinatal period in general plays a major role. 

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