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PerinatalEdu1The doula, in its current meaning, is a calling that first appeared in the USA in the 70’s and established by people that later founded DONA International, one of the first doula organizations.

Four decades later, with the support of DONA International, European Doula Network (EDN), European Network of Childbirth Associations (ENCA) and the Greek Doula Association, we have created and continue to update a complete Doula Training Program that includes theory and practice, networking, perinatal education, information on a local, national and international level.

Practicing the doula profession is tightly connected with the "Code of Ethics" and "Standards and Range of Practice" that doulas follow. In these texts there is information that is necessary for each practicing doula, as well as for health professionals and parents who work with doulas, for the optimal, inclusive services offered by the perinatal care team that each family has selected.  

For more information on the doula training program, please vist the Greek Doula Association website.