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EvangeliaEvangelia Philippaki 

General Practitioner (GP),

Lactation Consultant IBCLC

From the very start of my medical studies until now I have been highly interested in 
    ~ prevention of disease
    ~ empowerment of the "patient"
    ~ personalized care in the person’s preferred setting (when of course there are no counter indications), where s/he feels comfortable and is in contact with her/his beloved.

I have had the opportunity to meet and work with people I consider very special, like: Michel Odent, Frederik Leboyer, Franz F. Veldman (Aptonomy), Eva Reich, who all led me to where I was already heading by instinct: that primary prevention of body and emotional illness starts in fetal life and that the perinatal period in general plays a major role. 

I travelled to a number of European countries (UK, Netherlands, Germany, Austria) to observe and enrich my experience as to how they deal with pregnancy, birth and the postpartum, especially as far as the use of complementary therapies are concerned.

I also travelled to the USA where I worked as an apprentice for a short but intense period as an intern midwife in the  midwifery-run Birth Center “Casa de Nacimiento”.

For years I had been a Medical Associate of La Leche League Greece and a founding member of the Organization for the Promotion of Natural Birth Eutokia, where I served for 9 active years as a member of the Board of Directors. I am also a founding member of the grassroots English-speaking group BirthVoice and of  the network ENCA Hellas.

I feel it is very significant to have Greek translations of books and other printed material that have a positive approach to the perinatal period, so this is also one of my main activities.

As far as my other general interests are concerned, I would like to mention how much I am moved by Greek traditional music, songs and dances, especially the circular ones.