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Perinatal Education

PerinatalEdu2What is it?

Perinatal education includes basic information on perinatal period issues (menstrual cycle, conception-contraception, pregnancy, birth, postpartum, breastfeeding, basic infant care).

A good educational programme is based on international bibliography. It can be offered in small or bigger groups or individually and can be addressed to anyone interested in the perinatal period, whether for personal or for professional reasons:

  • to parents and future parents
  • to doctors, midwives, nurses, doulas, pediatricians, lactation consultants and other health professionals
  • to all those who deal with alternative and holistic therapies
  • to psychiatrists, psychotherapists and all those who deal with the emotional/psychological side of the perinatal period
  • to teachers of yoga and other methods and practices that are used in pregnancy and postpartum
  • to family counselors and all those who deals with parent groups, parenting and parent-child relationship 

PerinataEdu3Why is it needed? We believe that basic knowledge about perinatal period should be taught from a young age, because it is a tool for understanding our body and its functions and is an area that affects all of us, whether we have children in our personal lives or not. This body of knowledge will help us make wise decisions (or support our kin in that direction) about respectful perinatal care, being fully aware of the responsibility and the privilege of bringing a child to life.