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  • Short background

What is Reflexology

Reflexology is an ancient art and technique that functions as a complementary healing method. It is based on the theory of the zones which cross the human body, and connect, through reflex points on our feet and hands, our whole torso to our limbs:

Whatever occurs in the body is mirrored on the feet,

and whatever occurs in the feet is reflected on the rest of the body.


The Roots of Reflexology

In history, there is no reference to a ‘founder’ of Reflexology. It is an art that has been used for thousands of years in all parts of the world, for therapeutic purposes. We have references on Reflexology on many scripts, wall paintings, paintings, sculptures: The most ancient findings come from India 5000 years ago, from China 4000 years ago, while there were paintings found on walls in Ancient Egypt from 2500 B.C., as well as references from Ancient Greece, Japan, various tribes (e.g. American Indians, Aborigines)


and later, Europe. It seems that, from ancient times, working on the hands and feet was known to have a positive and healing effect on people’s health.  

  • Reflexology in practice

How does Reflexology work?

The main therapeutic function of Reflexology is the activation of the natural self-healing powers of the human body, through special pressure techniques on reflex points on the hands and feet.

On a typical Reflexology session you can expect:

~ The trained Reflexologist will take down a short medical history.Reflex.2

~ The recipient will sit comfortably on a chair or couch and the Reflexologist will begin the session on the feet or hands, applying a series of pressure techniques on the reflex points.

~ The recipient may feel instant relief, relaxation, or feel energized from the first moments.

~ Reflexology acts in a way that activates the natural self-healing powers of the organism. It is possible, during the process, to have a therapeutic or cleansing crisis, which may include sweating, need to urinate, drowsiness, cold, yawning, bowel movement, twitching, change of colour on some body part, extra energy sensations, headache, etc. Depending on the case, the Reflexologist will discuss the possible reactions of the organism with the recipient, so that s/he is prepared and able to retain his/her cooperation and trust to the healing process.

Conditions that may be helped with the use of Reflexology:


feet2Family health: relief from symptoms of common ailments (children and adults) – fever, diarrhoea, constipation, allergies, ear infections, sinus infections, asthma, colic, etc.

Woman’s health – menstruation issues, PMS, fertility issues, pregnancy-birth-postnatal period, menopause, infections (cystitis, urinary infections, mastitis, etc.)

General conditions – constipation, headaches, migraines, low energy, insomnia, chronic or acute pains, muscular-skeletal problems, digestion problems, skin problems etc.

More specifically:

 Reflexology and menstrual cycle


Practicing techniques to deal with and relieve symptoms related to the menstrual cycle.


Open to all women, younger and older, interested in loving and living with their bodies and cycles. We will deal with issues such as: painful periods, pre-menstrual syndrome, headaches and other cycle-related symptoms.

Reflexology and childhood disease

babyfeetPracticing simple techniques to relieve and deal with symptoms when your child is ill. While reflexology does not replace any medical treatment, it may have a comforting action for unpleasant symptoms such as: fever, sore throat, ear ache, urinary infection, diarrhoea, infections, allergies, etc. We may also use Reflexology preventively, or as a booster, when symptoms are not yet visible, or when we are in a period of recuperating.


 Reflexology and adolescents

Reflexology is a simple and effective way to deal with and support the huge changes taking place during adolescent years. Reflex.3

By supporting and energizing the body systems (hormonal, immune, nervous system, digestive, muscular-skeletal, etc.), we may prevent or relieve situations often occurring during adolescence, such as acne, weight variations, menarche, muscular-skeletal issues, digestive issues, etc. 

It may also act as a relief in cases of eye and brain strain due to overload of academic expectations, especially during exam periods, and may also relieve the body and mind from the many hours adolescents are exposed to screens (TV, video, computer, video games).

Besides these, it is a warm and very discreet way to keep a physical and emotional contact with our adolescent children, as they grow and move away!

Reflexology for couples

Reflex.1Practicing simple and effective ways to deal with common everyday stresses. At the same time, Reflexology is a wonderful, practical way to enhance meaningful closeness in a couple’s everyday life! Reflexology can be practiced almost anywhere, and requires a minimum amount of materials and time, depending on needs and circumstances. 




Reflexology during Pregnancy, Birth and Postpartum:

Reflexology, if practiced wisely and carefully by an experienced practitioner, is a safe and feet3potentially beneficial method for the whole perinatal period.

Reflexology can alleviate common symptoms that often appear during pregnancy, such as swelling, tiredness, low energy, depression, difficulties with sleeping, sensitivity in lower back area and the whole spine, and many more, but also offer a feeling of general relaxation, if there is no severe symptom. It can also be a useful tool during childbirth, practiced by the partner, or midwife/doula, for pain relief and the smooth progression of labour. During the postnatal period Reflexology can alleviate common symptoms such as physical and psychological drops, sensitivity in lower back area and the whole spine, wrist problems, breast infections, swelling, and many more, but also offer a feeling of general relaxation, if there is no severe symptom.

Individual sessions: if you are an expectant mother or you have recently given birth and wish to treat yourself with a special gift of wellbeing and comfort. You can receive reflexology once, or follow a series of sessions during pregnancy. Reflex.4

Group sessions and sessions for couples: if you want to share the wonderful gift of reflexology with your partner or a relative/friend, or even your midwife/doula/doctor accompanying you at birth and afterwards. During the sessions, we learn and practice simple techniques for relaxation, care and comfort of the expectant mother, as well as techniques we can use during and after childbirth for the care of the mother and baby.


The purpose of this website is just for information.

We are not giving medical or other advice, we offer insights and knowledge about natural preparation, birth and after the birth and where you can find help about it.

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