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Gentle Bio-Energetics is a therapeutic approach created by Dr. Eva Reich. Its roots can be found in Eva Reich's experience as an assistant of her father Wilhelm Reich; her experience practicing medicine at Harlem Hospital, New York in the 1950's; her further clinical experience; and contributions from colleagues and workshops participants from around the world.


At first she began applying the "butterfly touch" on premature babies and then slowly this became a specific series of motions, the pattern that now constitutes the "Butterfly Touch Massage®". As a result of this touch, significant positive changes were noted in mortality and morbidity rates of the premature infants at the hospital she was working in, in addition to other benefits. Eva Reich then proceeded to using this and other therapeutic tools for all people, regardless of age, focusinGBEJoyg on healing perinatal traumα, bonding and restoring the flow of energy. Gentle Bio-Energetics offers specific tools (techniques) that support and enhance the whole health of the expecting mother and her baby within, during pregnancy and birth. It can also support the rest of the family in the childbearing years (other children, partner, etc).

More specifically for the prenatal period - the most helpful tools are:  “Metamorphosis” which focuses on the limbs and pelvic area; “Balancing” for any situation of physical, psychological and emotional imbalance; and the – ideally – daily use of the “Butterfly Touch Massage” which energizes and tones the whole body.

For the postpartum period the mother and her baby/ies can benefit from these and other tools, to integrate the birthing experience.



All tools are done with an extremely light touch (the butterfly touch) and are safe for the course of pregnancy, birth, and beyond, as long as it pleases the mother and baby.

For more information on Eva Reich and her life’s work, Gentle Bio-Energetics, please visit the website of the Gentle Bio-Energetics Institute.



The purpose of this website is just for information.

We are not giving medical or other advice, we offer insights and knowledge about natural preparation, birth and after the birth and where you can find help about it.

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