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Conversations With Contractions

The following text, written by Ezelda, was inspired by Rahima Balwin's work

 Me: Some calling you sensations or waves, what are you?

Contr: I am a means to an end; you must have me to get to your baby. I am the sign your uterus is at work to help your baby in the world.

Me: Will you cause me pain?

Contr: My intentions are to help you, I am kind not cruel, but you might experience me as painful.

Me: What can I do to make you less painful?

Contr: Do not resist me, surrender to me, I am your friend!

Me: Why do you cause women pain?

 Contr: I do not cause pain; I am only experienced as such by some of your sisters and maybe also you. I am not coming to punish you; your reward will be your baby in your arms if you work with me and welcome me every time I come. In partnership with your uterus, cervix and baby we want to give you the best Birth we can, but you have to TRUST and SURRENDER to us……let us do our work!

Me: I do not know if I can! I have problems to trust and to surrender, I am a perfectionist, and want to have the control!

Contr: I will help you to be more perfect if you can trust me. I will teach you endurance, love, compassion and you will discover strengths in you, you did not know you have.

Me: Why must I learn all these things? I am fine the way I am!

Contr: Becoming a Mother you will need more skills, I will help prepare you for being a parent, at the same time I (together with uterus, cervix and your baby) help to put your baby in your arms safely!

Me: And what am I suppose to do if all of you doing everything, what is my part in MY Birth then?

Contr: You have the most important part………you can surrender and trust us and let us do our work, or you can bother us, or allow others to bother us, and make us incompetent. YOU are the reason for our existence! Your most important role is to protect us all, by not standing in our way and not let anyone else stand in our way to do the best we can to give you a beautiful Birth. Do you understand that only by becoming our slave you will be master of your Birth?

Me: Yes I understand now! What can I do to become your slave for the best outcome for my Birth?

Contr: Put the words TRUST and SURRENDER, everywhere in your house, eat, sleep, drink and live these words until they are part of you. Touch your Baby and tell him you trust and surrender that he will find his way out in the world, touch your uterus (encircle it with both hands) tell her you trust and surrender to her expertise of pushing your baby out, touch your cervix and tell her you trust and surrender to her knowledge of how and when to open fully to let your baby out. When I come during your labor hours, tell me you trust and surrender to me to bring you closer and closer to your baby safely in your arms. Tell us you will protect us and not bother us, or let others interfere unless WE tell you in your heart we need help. Can you do that for us?

Me: Yes that sounds easy enough! What is all the fuss about birth being so difficult when women are not supposed to do much during their Births?

Contr: Well I can give you answers like, technology, money making schemes, men without uteruses taking over, but I truly belief the root of all the difficult Births is NO TRUST and SURRENDER to us in every difficult Birth! All women have two choices (no excuses accepted!), she can trust and surrender to us, or she herself can bother us, or let somebody else bother us.


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